Rome’s Birthday


Every year, a series of shows, initiatives and events performed in the historic centre of the city intends to recall the origins of this ancient capital that transformed its small settlement founded on the Palatine Hill into Caput Mundi, i.e. the largest city of the world known until that moment, whose domination lasted for centuries and whose charm is still alive among people. Even today, Rome evokes wonder, veneration and a UNIQUE, ORIGINAL, AND DISTINCTIVE admiration across the world, so the main purpose is to keep this interest in the city alive. In ancient times, Rome was a crossroad of different cultures hence its birthday involves re-enactment groups coming from all over the world and, specifically, from the areas where the link with the Roman world is still alive in the culture and places of origin. The aim is to set off and spread the customs and traditions of ancient Rome bringing back both inhabitants and tourists to the ancient world and its origins.

On The Road

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